HS 041: Sir Isaac Newton – Tootin’ Newton Beans vs. Hooke Slaw

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Isaac Newton: one of the greatest figures to grace the scientific world. Also a closet crazy person. High Science discusses the life and times of Sir Isaac Newton, explores his most influential work, and dives into his weirder pursuits (like alchemy and the occult). We also start the episode by answering a fan question! Send […]

HS 040: Planet Earf – Layers and Plate Tectonics

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It’s time we explore the mysteries of the only home we’ve ever known: Planet Earf. We answer the important questions. How do mountains form? If we drilled through the entire planet and jumped in, how long would it take to reach the center? How do we know different layers exist if we never drilled through […]

HS 039: Electricity and Magnetism – Peacocks are Racist

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Guys heads up: we start this episode saying that we recorded the taxonomy episode “last week”. We posted the last few episodes in a different order than we recorded them (we recorded this one a while back). In this episode, High Science explores the core ideas of electricity and magnetism. Things can have an intrinsic […]

HS 038: First Birthday – Reminiscing and Bullsh*t

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High Science is celebrating its first birthday! We discuss how we started and some favorite our parts of previous episodes. We also get ripped and go on all kinds of sciencey tangents (hence the “and bullsh*t” in the title). We feel all warm and fuzzy that we got this far and we can’t thank you […]

HS 037: Taxonomy – From Sexy Bryophytes to Zombie Ant Fungus

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How close are mammals to reptiles? How much do birds and butterfly have in common? How about polar bears and orchids? High Science dives into the biological classification system known as taxonomy. We explore the history of taxonomy and it’s hierarchy. We also dive deep into the plant and fungus kingdoms. We also play a […]

HS 036: Artificial Intelligence – Are We Ready for Woke Juicers?

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Sentient juicers… preowned sex-robots… what it means to be conscious… robot rights… High Science discusses artificial intelligence with two special guests: Jake the Astronomer and James the AI Enthusiast.

HS 035: A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

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“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Stephen Hawking made amazing contributions to physics through his research on cosmology and black holes. However, what launched him into international fame was his ability to […]

HS 034: Physics of Sound and Music – Shakin’ in the Direction We Go

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High Science explores the mechanisms behind sound and music while also breaking down the properties of waves. Send us episode requests, feedback, questions, and comments! We love getting fan mail! Twitter: @highscience2017 Email: highscience2017@gmail.com

HS 033: Our Energy Addiction – How Ancient Sunlight Powers Your Phone

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A civilization’s progress depends heavily on how it obtains and utilizes energy. For most of human history, we used our inefficient meat machines (some call them “bodies”) to get things done. Now energy is harvested somewhere in the distance and we can do things like turn on lights or power our sweet, sweet cell phones. […]

HS 032: Work and Energy – High Science vs Cocaine Algebra

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Energy is one of those words that is used all the time but is rarely understood. This week High Science tackles energy, work, and power. Although these words are often used interchangeably, they have distinct physical meanings. Joining us are two new guests, Fredrick and Chenz, who have little scientific knowledge. John attempts to teach […]